Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leap Year Sale, Vowel Pairs, and a FREEBIE - We love the Weekends!

Good morning! Well, this is kind of the kitchen sink of all blog posts, but here we go! Teachers Pay Teachers is having a great sale on Feb. 29th! Yep, it's a leap year. And I feel pretty silly that I didn't even know it until yesterday. Clearly I look ahead! :) So, in honor of getting one extra day this year we will be hosting a sale at our store! The catch, it is just for the one day, but EVERYTHING is on sale for this special occasion! Want to know who else is having a once in 4 year sale? Check out this linky over at Tunstall Times, just click the picture below!

Secondly, I have been meaning to post about my ee/ea vowel pair activity but haven't gotten around to it until today. You might have seen earlier how my kiddos and I acted out vowel pairs (which they loved, by the way).

We in my search for some ee/ea vowel pair activities and supplements I found nada so I made some! With the help of KPM Doodles (love her!) I made my own short story staring "Sleepy Sheep". If you are in need of some ee/ea review/lesson ideas, please check this out at our TpT store.

Lastly, my amazing team and I rotate our math students based on the skills they need (brilliant, right?!). Well, I am working with the extension group and we are reviewing doubles, doubles plus 1 and doubles plus 2. I made this quick Go Fish game staring some of my favorite Dr. Seuss characters Thing 1 and Thing 2. Here is a freebie for you as well - I think it works wonders, especially when I hear my kiddos saying "Do you have a card with the first addend of 9?" Brilliant!

Have a splendid Sunday!
~ Katie


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    1. You are so welcome! We hope you and your students enjoy it!

      ~ Katie and Rebecca

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  4. What font are you using in your ee / ea unit? Its adorable!

    1. Thank you! The font is from Kevin and Amanda - I think it is the Times one. The colored font for ee/ea is from KPM Doodles!

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