Monday, February 27, 2012

A Tip for Tuesday

I went to the glorious Target after school yesterday to pick up a few things I forgot on my Saturday run and naturally I came out with more than I went in for. Please tell me I'm not the only one with a borderline unhealthy Target obsession...

One thing I did go in for was a pack of Zoo Pal paper plates. (I am teaching the lowbie group for math this topic and they really need some help with understanding the conceptual side of addition.) As I put the plates in my cart I thought: blog post! I didn't want others in the aisle to think I was a total weird-y for taking a photo of the Zoo Pals plates on the shelf, so I refrained until I arrived a school this morning.

Because they have 3 separate compartments they are perfect for use with small manipulatives. We start by representing a part in each small compartment and then joining the parts in the large compartment to make the whole.

I used these plates when I taught kindergarten and I always use them at the beginning of first grade when we work on addition. (And I guess at the end of February since I am teaching the sweet lowbie group this topic.)

Does anyone else have a simple little tip to share? Katie and I would love hear your great ideas!!



  1. This is a great idea!! Love it:) I'm a Target junkie too... always going in with a plan , coming out with the question... How did I spend this much money??? Ha!

  2. Great idea! They will love doing math with those plates! Yay for Target!
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  3. Love that idea. I've seen those plates before, but never purchased any! I'll have to get some this week! Thank you!

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