Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Synonym Rolls, Question, and a Freebie

Such adorable synonym bakers!

Hey all! I am getting a bit better with posting within 7 days - a daily blogging goal just doesn't seem possible at this time. Well, here is a grand adventure we had this week.

I saw a pin on creating synonym rolls - a super cute take on cinnamon rolls - and then Rebecca found this amazing post at The First Grade Parade (don't you just love her!?!) She has this fantastic tutorial on making baker hats, which we did pronto! But we thought we would dress ours up a bit, we made mini cinnamon rolls and put them on the hats.

Then we made this matching game. We printed several cinnamon rolls on brown paper, and put a word on them. Then we printed several frosting globs and put corresponding words. (for the words, we printed them on labels, but writing them on the pieces would work just as well!)

We laminated them and then cut them out. To play, we had kiddos laid out the pieces like a game of memory. Then they take turns flipping one cinnamon roll and one frosting glob in hopes of finding a match. If it is a synonym match, the student builds the synonym roll and reads the two words to their partner. If it is not a match, then they flip it back over and it is the next persons turn.

Viola! The kiddos loved it - especially using wooden spoons and the matching aprons I found in my cupboard!

Now here is the question, there are rumbles that I may be moving to 3rd grade next year. If any of you lovely teachers have taught 3rd grade, would you please share what I can look forward too?


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  1. Hi I am a new follower. I too love the cinnamon synonyms. Here is my blog post on the ones I made for my class of ELL students. Check my blog out when you have time.

    Here is the link to the synonyms:

    Here is my blog:

    I also have an anotnym post. If you are the first to post, you could when a copy of both. Be Blessed!